Keep up to date with COVID-19 Public Health Notices

Funeral Attendance Restrictions Effective from 23rd June 2021

Due to the recent Covid outbreak, the NSW government has reintroduced and number of restrictions including the one person per four square metre rule for all indoor settings for Greater Sydney effective from 4pm 23rd June 2021.

Funeral services held within Catholic Cemeteries + Crematoria chapels and lounges will be restricted to a maximum capacity based on the social distancing measure of four-square-metres per person.

Masks will be required to be worn by anyone attending a service held in any of our on-site chapels and there will be no singing allowed in our chapels.

We take this opportunity to remind you that guests attending events at any of our sites will be required to use their mobile phone to check-in using our QR Code which is on prominent display at our offices, chapels and condolence lounge facilities.

Under these changes, the maximum indoor capacity for our chapels/lounges are listed below:
These numbers exclude the funeral director, priest/celebrant and essential staff.

Liverpool Cemetery

  • Reflection Chapel – Maximum Capacity 39
  • Waratah Lounge – Maximum Capacity 21
  • Mount Carmel Mausoleum – Maximum Capacity 36

Rookwood Catholic Cemetery

  • Mary, Mother of Mercy Chapel – Maximum Capacity 45
    (Live streaming of services available)
  • Sacred Heart Chapel – Maximum Capacity 28
  • Mary, Mother of Mercy Condolence Room – Maximum Capacity 36

Kemps Creek Memorial Park

  • The Pavilion – Maximum Capacity 35

Mandatory Digital Attendee Check-In For Funerals from 23 November 2020

The NSW government has announced that from Monday, 23 November 2020, the recording of customer information by using digital means eg. QR codes, will be mandatory in NSW for funerals, memorial services and after service functions.

Guests attending these events at any of our sites will be required to use their mobile phone to check in using our QR Code which is on prominent display at our offices, chapels and condolence lounge facilities.  

Attendees without a mobile phone will be asked to record their contact details on a attendance register provided at the event by either the funeral director or cemetery.

In order to avoid unnecessary delays at the time of service, we would kindly ask Funeral Directors and families to inform attendees in advance of this check in requirement.

All Catholic Cemeteries + Crematoria locations have been registered as COVID safe.

Additional Precautionary Measures

Catholic Cemeteries + Crematoria (CCC) is closely monitoring all available information provided by the Department of Health and the World Health Organisation (WHO) to develop strategies to prioritise the safety of our customers and employees.

Catholic Cemeteries + Crematoria (CCC) will take all necessary and reasonable steps to mitigate against the risk of transmission of infection within our cemeteries and facilities. Furthermore, we have an active line of communication with all staff to adhere to local health guidelines and self-quarantine requirements including seeking medical advice, respiratory hygiene and arrangements for remote working.

In order to enhance our high standards of hygiene and cleanliness across all our sites, we are introducing a number of additional precautionary measures to reduce the risk of infection and keep everyone safe. These include:

> Hard surface cleansing in the chapels after each service
> Deep clean of chapels and other facilities on a daily basis
> Ensure hand sanitiser is available to customers
> Staff issued with additional PPE where required
> Minimise person to person contact within our service environment
> Familiarise all staff around hygiene practices and COVID-19

Please do not hesitate to contact our offices if you have any additional questions.

Rookwood Catholic – 1300 114 997
Liverpool – (02) 9602 0344
Kemps Creek – (02) 9826 2273
Sydney Olympic Park Head Office – (02) 8713 5700

COVID-19 Precautions

For existing bookings and new appointments. If you have recently been exposed to a confirmed or suspected COVID-19 patient, contact us and we will re-book or book your appointment. If you are reading this out of hours, please leave your details and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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Cemetery Events Cancelled

With the outbreak of COVID-19, our Annual Masses + Events across all cemetery locations will only be available for viewing online. For locations and online viewing of our Monthly Masses at our cemeteries please check our Events Calendar.

The health and safety of our team members and the communities we serve come first. We will continue to keep you updated through our website and Facebook.

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